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Take a Stand.

At the end of the day, Matthew's life along with hundreds of others could have been saved.

The island of Kauai is infamous for county officials who remove "Wave Warning" and "No swimming" signs placed by local civilians who try to protect people unaware of the island's hazardous waves and tides. In other words, your life is of no value to them, so long as you bring money to their island. 

Sadly Matthew is not the only victim of the carelessness of Kauai officials. Nearly a dozen tourists were claimed to be pulled away by the tides not even a week after Matthew's initial disappearance. This isn't an anomaly, its a chronic issue.

Hawaii's main source of income is tourism. If we can spread the word and inform the people. Many will be discouraged to visit the island. Surely then they will heed us then.

Together we can make a difference and inform tourists, Americans, and World Travelers alike of Hawaii's callous attitude towards the safety of the public.

Take a stand by signing our petition. If possible, a donation of any size to Matthew's family during these trying times is a gesture we infinitely appreciate.

Take Action: Plan Your Visit
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