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Matthew Preziose

Photographer, Graphic Designer, World Traveler

1996 - 2022

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About Matthew

Photographer, Artist, Creative, World Traveler, and Adventurer; My Cousin. These are only a few words that I can use to describe Matthew Preziose. 


Anyone who was graced with his friendship knows what kind of person he was. A gentle soul who saw the beauty in the world, the people on it, and Life itself. He loved Life so much that he would capture moments, instances, events frozen in time and space. With the help of his cameras, polaroid's, tripods.


Matthew studied abroad, went to Europe when he was 17, and visited multiple Countries throughout his lifetime. On each trip he captured every moment, one by one. Piece by Piece. Such as a hunter tracks the doe, he tracked for nothing short of beauty and fully embraced the fruits of life.


But he did not stop there. No he was not satisfied with beauty alone. He shared it. 


He brought joy, friendship, and peace into the world. And he gave it to everyone he met. 

His friends, his family, even complete strangers. 


He would come home from his trips and adventures with stories, photographs, and light in his eyes.


Matthew is nothing less than a Miracle. I believe he is still here with us. He always will be.


All the friendships he made, the hearts he filled with hope and love. The photographs and stories of his adventures and trips. They will always be here with us. And so long as we keep him with us in our hearts, he will never leave us. 

- Your loving cousin, Christian

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